• Steve Bailey

A History of Computer Repairs in Telford

Ace Computing has been operating since 2009 we have a wealth of experience and offer that to our customers by either call outs or by appointment at our shop which is based in central Wellington with easy access to the M54 Motorway at Junction 6

Do you need a repair technician to visit you?, has your computer or laptop died at home? Well don’t panic we see this all the time we deal with it on a regular basis and there are so many reasons why you may need us to come to you at home or work, anyone with a PC (Tower) knows they are heavy with lots of wiring, and where some customers can disconnect everything and will be able to reconnect when bringing it home there are others that are not technically minded and this service would definitely appeal to them, we will be able to visit them within a day and the computer tech should be able to diagnose your problem and fix the computer on the spot, if you need special parts we have tier one distributors up and down the UK able to deliver within 24 hours.

Our technicians are an standby ready to take your call So if you need a laptop or computer repair in the Telford area then Ace Computing are waiting for your call on 07949 719686

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