Laptop repair

Apple and Windows spares repairs and upgrades

Laptop computers make up at least 40% of home and business systems (not to mention students) so they form a large market share of what the consumer uses.

Now obviously this is split between the various makes and models with premium units like Apple MacBooks and pro versions being the high end units that run OSX operating systems based on UNIX and then there are Windows machines that are not nearly as expensive and are also a solid platform for day to day activity.

The choice comes down to what you are used to using and the Apple systems have amazing synergy between devices, for example if you use a iPhone and you have a photo library and you use the note function then anything stored on your iPhone or iPad will be instantly be accessible on your MacBook the minute you open it meaning any edits you make on your MacBook will instantly be readable on your various devices for me this synergy is an amazing feature meaning wherever you are, weather your on the go or just need to discretely finish a email, word doc, or even a website then when you are able you can open your MacBook and all your latest content will be there

MacBook versions are expensive and even though the Apple products hold their value extremely well the cost may be prohibitive for some.


We Repair all laptop makes and models

There are too many to list but here are some of the more popular brands



















Windows Based Systems

Windows machines are by far the cheaper option and if you scout around you can find some great bargains here are some examples that are in the marketplace now that I have sourced through my wholesaler to give you an idea of what value you can get for your money.

Laptops are so very popular and I would say 75% of all our work is laptop related for example DC jack repairs are very common due to the fact that the cable gets stretched and the stress on the cable causes the connector to pull the jack to breaking point so we see a lot of laptops That need a new cable, dc jack or even both. This type of repair is common just like smashed screens for all sizes of laptop, now we all know how easy it is to break screens no matter what device you  use weather it’s an Apple unit or a windows 7,10 or even all in ones like IMacs, the list is long and we specialise in fixing broken laptop screens so call now for your free quote.